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Birth of a traditional ancient cheongsam

Birth of a traditional ancient cheongsam

The production of traditional cheongsams always feels veiled.
It's as if the old cheongsam master didn’t use any high-tech weapons.
With a pair of hands, a pair of scissors, an iron, a hand,
You can turn silky soft fabrics into a stylish high-grade cheongsam.

Ifaxier cheongsam

They measured the size of the cheongsam by measuring instruments with their palms;
Use scissors to cut out the precise outline;
Using an iron to shrink a flat piece of fabric
Makes the pattern of the cheongsam bodice not be damaged and can also achieve the effect of waist buttocks;
With a needle buried in the flying trace between the piping and the gap,
Can guarantee the cheongsam is durable and does not reveal any stitches.
If you measure the size of freehand, it really depends on the skill of the tailor.
This point I would rather believe in the ruler,
But sewing without a sewing machine does make the cheongsam edge softer and more spiritual.
Popularity and the ancient woman's thought of hand-sewn clothes are more able to reveal the temperature of the heart.
Also more suitable for non-professional enthusiasts to learn.
(A tool display for sewing traditional cheongsams, the picture was taken from the "Change of Everlasting Chang-Cheongsam" exhibition in Hong Kong in 2010.)


There are basically the following processes for making traditional ancient cheongsam:

Chiffon reflected
Fabric: Clear Silk Chiffon 30D Thickness
Lining: Silk double 绉 18mm thickness
Lace: Spandex Elastic Lace
Buttons: Deduction for Eichhornia Glass Beads
Silk edge: silk silk satin satin 18 m thick
The surface fabrics and ingredients used in ironing are used to stabilize the silk fabrics.

According to the measured figure, the outline of the fabric (or lining) is cut out by the flat-cut principle.
For the flat type cutting, please refer to the "Sichuan Casual Clothes Sewing Textbook" published by Beijing Light Industry Press in 1959.

Cut out the corresponding lining (or fabric) according to the cut fabric (or lining)

The cheongsam collars are made according to the measured dimensions.

The sewn side of the cheongsam is stitched and the collar is sewn to shape the outer contour so that the rim can be sewn afterwards.

The edge of the cheongsam is finished and the shape is finished after the rim is finished.

Sewing plate buckle, buckle can be used in the form of ancient buckle selection of suitable jade or metal.

After the production, ironing and finishing


The chiffon fabric weakened the contours of the brightly painted interiors and revealed subtle beauty. Although transparent but full of drape, Chiffon walks and flies.

Fairy feeling
Embroider the traditional cheongsam embroidery on the cheongsam, and use the auspicious patterns to bless the master's happy life. Black is a versatile wild color, that is, elegant and elegant, just add a little embellishment at the edge, the charm of the entire cheongsam to express it.



The Chinese style short dress is more practical than the cheongsam, and it is suitable for all seasons. This short plait adopts a slightly thicker jacquard brocade fabric to highlight the inverted sleeve style of the civilized period of the Republic of China. Xiaofengxian collar makes the whole short piece reveal aura.


Handicraft workshop, as the name implies inherited handicrafts,
It is the temperature of the hand, and the inheritor's complex.
Custom costumes, lectures, courses based on traditional Chinese costumes of the Republic of China...
The biggest benefit in forming this workshop is not money but learning.
The combination of civilization and craftsmanship, the collision of feelings and reality, tradition and reform revolution...
Want to do it well so that everyone who comes in contact with it feels that they have benefited greatly.
We strive to live our dreams.

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